The Juliana's in-house technical team, lighting and sound engineers work to create outstanding and unique installations. Juliana's has a successful formula that allow lighting
dynamics to enhance the experience and ambience, and sound that is unmatched.

Juliana's has trained and manged over 1,500 DJ's worldwide, covering every vogue, taste, genre, trend, location or culture imaginable. We know about music and how to always provide the best experience.

Juliana's International team of experienced and industry-knowledgeable experts can support any venue anywhere in the world with promotion, contract marketing, club membership programs and events.

Finally Juliana's offers localised and international management as well as training programs to enhance success. In the case of Hotel clients, the Juliana's team will work closely and seamlessly with the Hotel's established structure, especially the food and beverage and human resource departments.

Juliana's provides a comprehensive service to create trully amazing and successful bars. We design Bar & Beverage formats to maximise potential and train staff as well as provide Flair Bartenders.

Nightclubs are notoriously difficult to manage due to the nature of the business and the high amounts of cash involved. Nevertheless, a well-run nightclub can produce an unusually high return on investment and the nightclub industry today has many sophisticated international investors.

It is vital to have an experienced and proven management company in any high-volume nightclub situation, to uphold the brand image and to ensure the profits go to the owners.

Our management fees are geared to profits through management fee incentives to maximise investor returns. Juliana's has access to the top managers in the industry and provides global nightclub management through a professional management contract.

Juliana's becomes involved early in the planning process to ensure the design, ergonomics and operating systems are efficient and that the control systems are effective Juliana's has over forty years experience in the operation of high-end nightclubs and has established the finest security and control systems in the industry.

Juliana's tight focus on financial controls does not dilute our focus on the core ingredients of nightclub success: effective management, good staff training, great music, top audio systems, top DJ's, excellent promotions, good security, maintenance and cleanliness.

Juliana's experience and know how is second to none, proividing world class turn-key cross platform solutions for every project.

Juliana's work with the worlds top designers and international esthetic vogues to create and provide unique and outstanding solutions for clients - a bar, beach club, nightclub, venue,
ship or private yacht or mansion.